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Team Iridium's Chris Curtis is ready for his close-up

CALIFORNIA — Chris Curtis chuckles when asked about his early goals as a young fighter.

"When I started, I really just liked to fight," the Team Iridium welterweight admits with a laugh. "When I was little, I thought I'd be a Power Ranger, then I was introduced to Tekken and Street Fighter when I was older. Before I realized that you could be paid as a professional, I thought I'd just travel the world fighting in these crazy underground tournaments."

Thirteen years and more than 30 professional bouts later, Curtis finds himself in the thick of the highest-profile tournament in the fight game. He returns to action tonight to move a big step closer to winning a million bucks in ProFightLeague's Welterweight Playoffs, LIVE on ESPN 2.

A long-time underground king, "The Action Man" is ready to officially secure his position as one of the very best 170-pound fighters on the planet.

"I love the glory of it — I love being known — I'm that guy," the former CES MMA champ says. "You try to stay humble, but I know me — I love the spotlight. I love having people talk about me.

"Thirteen-year-old me would be revelling in this right now."


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