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Team Iridium nice guy Darion Abbey ready to crack skulls

CALIFORNIA — Today we're chatting with Team Iridium young gun Darion Abbey as the heavyweight upstart gears up for his third professional bout at LFA 85 on the weekend, LIVE on UFC Fight Pass.

How did you get your start in MMA?

I’ve always wanted to do MMA growing up. Me and my buddy Matt would practice on each other in the basement and sometimes things would get heated and we would end up fighting for real (laughs). Once I realized my basketball career was over, I had to jump on the opportunity to start fighting.

How do you feel about what you've accomplished so far?

Not bad, but definitely not satisfied. I lost my first pro fight and it still eats at me to this day. I’m not gonna be satisfied until I’m in the UFC or Bellator and even then I will be even more hungry to become a champion. 

How has quarantine been for you?

Pretty good; I haven’t been working my day job so I’ve been able to focus more on my training. I’ve travelled to Florida a few times and trained with my future team in Sanford MMA and Hard Knocks 365.

How excited are you to get back in the cage?

I get anxiety when I think about it! Not from being scared, but from excitement! It’s been over a year since I’ve done MMA, and I’m ready to get in there and crack some skulls.

What would you like to accomplish in 2020?

I would love to have two or three more fights to close out the year and hopefully earn a title shot through LFA so I can show the world I belong in the UFC.

What would you like fans to know about you?

Oh, I don’t know, really. I’m a happy person, don’t want to have to hurt people but I will do whatever it takes to support my family. I’m also a huge nerd (laughs). I love to play video games in my free time and watch anime! Other than that, I’m pretty much you’re average fighter just trying to be great.

Iridium Sports Agency is a full-service professional management firm. Founded in 2009 by attorney Jason House, Iridium represents more than 75 fighters in the UFC, Bellator and ProFightLeague. Iridium's team of agents is devoted to assisting athletes in all aspects of their professional lives.


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