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Getting to know Team Iridium's Jeremy Luchau, top chef & The Darkside's resident "Skip-Bo Master"

CALIFORNIA — Team Iridium managing partner and proud family man Jeremy Luchau recently sat down to answer some rapid-fire questions about everything from his hidden talents to his favorite movie.

Any hidden talents?

Excellent cook and father. 

Any hobbies?

Difficult to have hobbies with four kids, ISA Clients and 559 Fights, but maybe hot baths? 

Best way to spend a Friday night?

With the kids, watching a movie and laughing. Or playing card games; I am the Skip-Bo master. 

How would your closest friends describe you?

Honest, blunt, hard working. 

How would your kids describe you?

Always there, finds a way.

Favorite fighter?

BJ Penn.

Favorite all-time fight?


Favorite subject in school?


Listening to now?

Roddy Ritch.

Favorite TV show?

Anything on ID.

Favorite movie?

Legends of the Fall.

Who'd play you in the movie of your life?

Brad Pitt.

Favorite book?

Count of Monte Cristo or Chop Wood Carry Water.

Favorite quote? 

“Find a fucking way” Diana Parsons (my mom).

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?


Favorite cheat meal?

Cheat meal (laughs); I don’t eat healthy. But, have to be wings. 

Most important goal for you right now?

Making sure clients are safe, and connected.

How would you like to be remembered when it's all said and done?

As a good father.

Follow Jeremy on Instagram HERE.

Iridium Sports Agency is a full-service professional management firm. Founded in 2009 by attorney Jason House, Iridium represents more than 75 fighters in the UFC, Bellator and ProFightLeague. Iridium's team of agents is devoted to assisting athletes in all aspects of their professional lives.


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