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Reinvigorated Team Iridium stud Alton Cunningham ready to roll through 2020

CALIFORNIA — Alton Cunningham has already established himself as one of the sport's most exciting young prospects. He's hungry to make the next jump in his career when he's back in action.

How were you introduced to MMA to begin with?

I found MMA watching Brock Lesnar make the transition over to the sport. It immediately caught my attention being a WWE fan and I set out to pursue the sport.

What would you be doing for a living if you weren't fighting?

If I wasn’t fighting I’d be in the fitness field, for sure. Maybe personal training, still making content the best way I can by entertaining, whether that was in WWE wrestling or just making videos.

What's been the secret to your success so far?

My secret to success so far is to just keep pushing, staying consistent. Easier said than done, but the blueprint is simple. Follow the path of many others.

What are your goals for 2020?

My goals for 2020 is to just fight and get a win. Next time I step into the cage to release the best me I can be. Becoming a better trainer and gaining more clients. I love training people and it’s evolved my game so much.

Where would you like to be in five years?

In five years I see myself being a household name in the sport and being in contention for a world title.

What would you like fans to know about you?

I’d like fans to know that once this quarantine is over, next time they see me they will see a man who's evolved mentally so much. Reinvigorated and ready to entertain and perform. I love all my people.

Follow Alton on Instagram HERE.

Iridium Sports Agency is a full-service professional management firm. Founded in 2009 by attorney Jason House, Iridium represents more than 75 fighters in the UFC, Bellator and ProFightLeague. Iridium's team of agents is devoted to assisting athletes in all aspects of their professional lives.


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